"Do you require a deposit?"
- We require a 20% deposit and signed agreement to reserve your day.

"How long will it take to get our photos/video?"
- We deliver all your final material in 7 calendar days.
Also you’ll receive sneak peek images next day after your wedding.

"Are all the photos edited?"
Yes, every single photo you’ll receive will go through the same post production proses as the images you see on our website.

"What should I wear to my engagement/family session?"

The absolute most important thing is that you’re comfortable. Wear what you feel good in, as that will usually show through in the photos. Clothes with texture and colour are great – think about what would look interesting, and try to co-ordinate styles a bit if you’re doing a couple or family shoot. (You don’t have to wear the same colours, but co-ordinate outfits that compliment each other.) Depending on what kind of shoot it is, we may need to budget time for wardrobe or location changes, which are absolutely welcomed.

Very important: Consider the weather during your shoot date, and make sure you’ll be warm/cool enough in whatever you wear!

"How much time should I set aside for family / portrait photos?"

This answer will be a direct reflection of how large your families are. If you have a large family and would like family shots incorporating several different groupings, a larger amount of time should be set aside. At the bare minimum, we usually request an hour and a half to shoot family portraits, bridal party photos and portraits of the bride and groom. A longer amount of time will create a more laid-back atmosphere and allow you and your families to not feel “rushed”. Traditionally, portraits are taken in between the ceremony and reception. If you choose to follow this tradition, please remember that the receiving line or general congratulations take up a good amount of time during this period as well so it would be best to take this into consideration when planning on how much time you have/need for portrait and family photos.

“Do you bring backup equipment?”

Of course! We bring a second camera set-up with us as well as multiple lenses, lights, digital memory cards and accessories to make sure I don’t miss a moment…

"Will you travel?"

Absolutely, we will! We love to travel, and it would be our pleasure to meet you pretty much anywhere. Travel fees may apply if outside central Toronto.



If you have more questions we would love to answer them

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